Student Organizations

    These student organizations are specifically for sorority and fraternity members. Some of these organizations are national groups and some are independent grassroots organizations. 

    • Fraternal Values Society Logo

      Fraternal Values Society

      The purpose of the Fraternal Values Society is to encourage the growth and development of sorority and fraternity life by promoting leadership, education, and values based experiences. 

    • Gamma Sigma Alpha Shield

      Gamma Sigma Alpha

      Gamma Sigma Alpha exists to recognize and advance academic excellence as a core value of fraternities and sororities. This honor society was developed by students and offers members the opportunity to cultivate leadership skills through officer positions, creating events and gives the chance for creative thinkers to assist with expansion of the organization.

    • Greeks Go Green

      Greeks Go Green

      Greeks Go Green provides the opportunity to get involved in sustainable practices, service events, and spread awareness throughout the university with an emphasis on the sorority and fraternity community along with the Ames community. 

    • MFE Logo

      Men for Fraternal Excellence

      Men for Fraternal Excellence is a group of fraternity members who gather to have intentional conversations on topics that affect the fraternity experience. The group is focused on gaining knowledge and skills to have important and potentially challenging conversations with others in our chapters and community. By being a space where men can share and engage with each other in conversations that matter, men can capitalize on the power of our organizations to exemplify the most positive aspects of fraternity and manhood while creating positive change. 

    • Omega symbol with the words Order of Omega underneath

      Order of Omega

      Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for members of fraternities and sororities. Order of Omega recognizes sorority and fraternity juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership and involvement within their respective organization and within the sorority and fraternity community, campus and local community.

    • PGG 2024

      Pride Goes Greek

      Pride Goes Greek is an organization that aims to create a support system among LGBTQIA+ identifying members of the sorority and fraternity community. The primary goal is to give members of sorority and fraterntiy chapters with these identities opportunities to socialize and be together.

    • Greek letter Rho stacked on top of Greek letter Lambda in a triangle shaped symbol.

      Rho Lambda

      The purpose of Rho Lambda is to honor women within the sorority community who have exhibited the highest qualities of leadership and service to community and their sorority. Although membership was originally intended for women whose organizations belonged to the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, any sorority women is eligible for membership as long as the meet the membership selection criteria. 

    • group photo of sorority and fraternity community ambassadors

      Sorority and Fraternity Community Ambassadors

      Sorority and Fraternity Community Ambassadors is a volunteer program designed  for current sorority and fraternity members to create awareness and positively promote and represent the Iowa State University Sorority and  Fraternity community. Sorority and Fraternity Community Ambassadors will  communicate a comprehensive view of student life at Iowa State, while focusing  on various aspects of the sorority and fraternity community