Sleep Well











Did you know that poor sleep quality can make mental health symptoms worse and decrease well-being (Gaultney & Gray, 2016)? In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, members of the SFE Staff team are participating in ISU Student Wellness’s Sleep Well Program: a four week, self-guided sleep program focused on enhancing sleep through engaging in sleep hygiene behaviors.


We want YOU to join us and take the one-month challenge too! Don't worry about being perfect - we're all here to learn and grow together. All we ask is that you give it a try and do your best throughout the month.


We will begin together on May 10th! After signing up with SFE, you’ll be sent a link to enroll in the Sleep Well Program (takes about 5 minutes).



Follow us on social media at @isusororityandfraternity as we document our experiences and participate in our interactive content related to sleep hygiene throughout the month of May!