Sorority and Fraternity Scorecard

In an effort to be more transparent about the grades, activities and behavior of our sororities and fraternities, the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement has created a scorecard. This scorecard will highlight data about individual sororities and fraternities throughout the year and will be published annually at the end of the semester. The goal of the scorecard is to keep students and families better informed on the accomplishments and current status of each of our sororities and fraternities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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2018-2019 Scorecard

2018-2019 Scorecard2018-2019 Scorecard2018-2019 Scorecard

Some of the data in the report is self-reported (philanthropy fundraising, community service events, etc.) In these instances, if the chapter did not report data, the scorecard will reflect a 0.