Black History Month


Friday at Noon

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Feb. 5th: Black History Month 101

This week discussion will center around the orgin and purpose of Black History Month.

2021 Black History Month Theme

Black History is American History

This is how February Became Black History Month

A world without Black History


Feb. 12th: Stories you were never told...

This week discussion will center around Black stories that aren't commonly told. 

Blackdom - Untold Story of Black Pioneers Frank and Ella Boyer 

Code Switch Podcast: They Don't Say Our Names Enough 

Insider: African American History You Probably Weren't Taught in School 

6 Heroes to Honor this Black History Month  


Feb. 19th: Black Academics and Education

This week we will highlight Black scholars and Black academics.

This Week In Black History, Society, and Culture: Navigating Twin Pandemics 

Cyclone Life: Being Black at a PWI  

Affirmative Action

History of HBCUs


Feb. 26th: The Black Impact on Culture

This week discussion will center on how Black culture has shaped pop culture. 

Black Culture is Your Culture 

Hustle Culture's Black Roots  

The Black History Behind Your Favorite Slang & From 'periodt' to 'and I oop,' the most common stan culture and VSCO girl slang is rooted in cultural appropriation