The Iowa State Sorority and Fraternity Community has 40+ facilities that house approximately 2,000 students during the academic year. Each chapter house holds between 29 and 87 students. Many fraternities will house first-year through senior students while sororities typically house sophomore through senior level students. Students should work directly with the chapter to determine if and when they are able to live in the chapter house. Facilities are considered university-affiliated housing as they are owned by private nonprofit corporation boards, LLCs or their national housing corporation.

See inside a sorority house

See inside a fraternity house 

Fraternity and sorority facilities are considered congregate housing. Congregate housing includes a private bedroom with 1-3 roommates. All residents of the house share living and activity space including dining rooms, formal living rooms, family rooms/dens, activity rooms, meeting rooms and study rooms. Amenities include:

  • House Director (all sororities and most fraternities)
  • Meals provided by a cook or catering service
  • On-site laundry
  • Wireless internet
  • Parking (varies by chapter)
  • Study areas, computer rooms and access to academic resources

Chapters may employ a chef/cook or use catering for their meals. Most chapters provide a continental breakfast and either buffet or brown-bag lunch Monday through Friday. Formal or family-style dinner is generally provided Monday through Thursday, with an open kitchenette available after hours and throughout the weekend. Late plates and brown bag lunches are available to accommodate busy student schedules.

Sleeping Style
Chapters are organized as suite-style, cold air-style or bedroom-style living; or a combination of sleeping styles.

              Suite-Style – 3-6 people sharing a common living space.

              Cold Air-Style – large common sleeping quarters with bunked beds. Traditionally, windows are kept open year-round, but recently many cold                                    airs are heated/cooled appropriate to the season. Chapter members have 2-3 person private living quarters separate from cold airs.

              Bedroom-Style – bed and personal effects in a 2-3 person room.

House Directors
A house director (house mom or house dad) is a live-in adult or graduate student employed by the chapter house corporation to oversee the daily operations of the facility. His or her responsibilities vary from chapter to chapter. Typically the house director supervises staff including cooks/catering, waiters, cleaning services and/or other contracted services. House directors are trained to manage the facility, develop mentoring relationships with chapter leaders and members, and ensure rules and policies are upheld.

An organization of the House Directors at Iowa State University whose purpose is to provide fellowship, information and personal and Sorority and Fraternity Community support. Contact Information.