Event Registration

All chapters must register all events (socials, philanthropy, community service, events off campus, off chapter property, events with alcohol, etc).  Each council has their own expectations, deadlines, and forms for event registration.  Event Registration Training cccurs every semester to train students on Sorority and Fraternity Engagement and council expectations. The Social Events with Alcohol event registration is a process managed by Office of Sorority and Fraternity staff. Chapters are required to send the members and officers who are responsible for event registrations to the Event Registration Training. If you have questions about event registration, contact your council officer(s) or your staff liaison.

Definition of an Event

Event TypeForms

Community Service, Philanthropy, and Awareness Events

  1. Read the Guide for Completing the Civic Engagement Event Registration Process
  2. Read the Cyclones Care webpage to ensure your event is planned in compliance with the most recent COVID-19 best practices
  3. Once you have read the above materials and have your event details ready, you may register you event. 

Bonus: Watch these webinar recordings for virtual Philanthropy ideas and virtual Service/Awareness ideas.

Register Your Philanthropy, Service, or Awareness Event Here! 



Recruitment and Membership Intake Events & Forms

  1.  Membership Intake and Recruitment Checklist 
    1. Review this form prior to completing the Memebership Intake and Recruitment Form, it will provide details on what informaiton is needed on the form and how to prepare for a meeting with an Sorority and Fraternity Enagement staff member. 
  2. Academic Release Form
    1. Chapters are encouraged to use this form prior to extending membership to verify academic eligibility of perspective members. 
    2. Please allow time for Sorority and Fraternity Engagement Staff to check academic records; any where from 3-5 business days. 
  3. Make sure you have filled out an EAC Form, if the event requires it. The link will provide you the form and information on which events need to be registered.

Membership Intake and Recruitment Checklist 

Membership Intake and Recruitment Form

Academic Release Form

CPC Event Form

IFC Event Form

Contact council officer

Social Events

Register Your Members Only Event Here!

Register Your Social or Collaboration Event Here!  

Form C

Vendor Review Survey

Social Events with Alcohol

  1. Read the Procedures for Registration and Requirements for Sorority and Fraternity Events with Alcohol
  2. Prepare the following documents for submission:
    1. "Form A" is using a third party vendor
    2. Complete Risk Management Policy Acknowledgement
    3. Vendor Certificate of Insurance if using a third party vendor
    4. Vendor Liquor License if using a third party vendor
    5. Event Description (e.x. Event Description Guide)
    6. Security and Safety Plan (e.x. Security and Safety Plan Guide)
    7. Transportation Plan (e.x. Transportation Plan Guide)
    8. Food and Beverage Plan (e.x. Food and Beverage Plan Guide)
    9. Sober Monitor Spreadsheet (ex. Sober Monitor Template)
    10. Guest List (ex. Guest List Template)
  3. Once you have gathered all of the above materials and have your event details ready, you may register you event on Tikkit (you will only be able to access Tikkit once you have sent your organizations Social Events Policies and Procedures to tikkit@iastate.edu.)

SFE Events with Alcohol Procedures

Risk Management Policy Acknowledgement

A Guide for Completing Event Registration Forms

Venues, Transporation, Security Guide

Tips for Chapters with Affiliate Houses