Branding and Marketing Materials

What is a brand? It's a feeling. It's a perception. It's the culmination of each individual element of an organization that is experienced by someone.( 

Identifying and preserving your chapter’s brand is essential to success- it’s how others perceive your organization, gives first impressions and introductions, helps buid relationships, and how new members are welcomed to your organization. Below are examples of brand standards guides from chapters and also for ISU.

A trademark is a word, slogan, symbol, design, or comboination of these elements, which identifies and distingushes the goods or services of one party from others. (

Many of our fraternities and sororities and Iowa State, have trademarked symbols, names, and slogans. It is important to use these items with care when producting apparel, using online, and in print form. Refer to the below links for more examples and information. 
Did you know? The Greek community logo is trademarked by ISU!

Iowa State Trademark Office

Inter/national organization brand use/permission
Consider contacting your inter/national organization for use of the approved logo/slogan and other words on apparel, print, and online forms. Many organizations have an approved vendor list where you can purchase apparel. VIsit here to see a list of chapters who are Greek licensed. 

When planning your next philanthropy, educational session, or lecture, research ways to promote your event through on and off campus marketing resources. Below is a list to help you get started.

Marketing On Campus 

Marketing Off Campus

Online Marketing 

Note: All events posted on the Sorority and Fraternity Community social media sites, TV, or website must be approved by the Events Review Team and subject to approval through the Event Authorization Committee