It’s never too early to develop a strategy to help you be successful for mid-terms.  Midterms can be one of the most stressful times in the semester next to final exams.  We’d like to share with you a few tips to help you be successful for mid-terms. 

  • Speak up and ask good questions.  Reach out to your professors and ask the right questions to get the information you need for the exam.  Be proactive and seek out your professors to clarify the topics. Here are a few questions you might ask your professor to prepare for mid-terms.
    • What information will the mid-term cover, the semester so far or just the last few weeks of material?
    • What study suggestions do they have to prepare?
    • How many points or what percentage of the overall grade is the exam?
    • Will study guides or in-class review sessions be offered?
  • Take Care of Yourself. Get plenty of rest, drink water, move your body, and take breaks.  Build a routine around your personal wellbeing.  Keep up those good habits you’ve built during the semester to keep you physically and mentally ready to crush the exam, paper, or project!
  • Make a mid-term study schedule.  Check the course syllabus to confirm the date/time/location/duration/length/scope for the mid-term to have an understanding of the responsibilities what you’ll need to complete for mid-terms.  Completing a project, studying for a comprehensive exam, or writing a paper all require different skills and time to complete and creating a plan to achieve each task will help you stay on task.
  • Form a (virtual) study group. Working with a partner from the class or forming a small group of students from the class to discuss the material and quiz each other on the course work can help all of you be more prepared for the exam.   

Have a plan for what topics to study and stick to it; don’t sacrifice your physical or mental health for the study process.  Go in the exam, midterm paper, or project with confidence by believing in yourself and the efforts you’ve put in.  You’ve got this. We know it!