Finals Study-Tips


The student leaders that are members of the 2020 academics team have a combined 20 semesters of preparing for and taking finals.  Below is a collection of their tips and strategies that they’ve found to be helpful in preparing for their final exams or presentations.  They want to help you get ready to end the semester and slide into winter break knowing you put forth your best efforts and you left it all out there.


Practice before presenting.  A lot of effort goes into creating semester long projects or projects that are assigned as the project final.  Be sure to make time in your schedule while putting the final touches on this project to build in time to practice the presentation.  Abby Tornow, the Vice President of Academics for the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, recommends “starting to practice the presentation at least one week before you are scheduled/assigned to give the presentation”.


Change up your environment.  Try mixing up your study routine and study in a new environment.  Being in a new location to study can help you focus in on the tasks at hand.  Pick a location that is not distracting.  Get to a location that is a change in environment.  The academic team does not recommend studying from bed or studying with the tv/streaming service playing. Lucas Petsche, the Vice President of Academics for the Inter-fraternity Council recommends “going to the Parks library as a location to study for finals”.


Stay on task.  It can be really overwhelming to look at all of the things you have to review, study, write, or create for all of your finals.  Mary Lee, the Vice President of Academics for the Multicultural Greek Council, uses the strategy of “making a list and breaking it down piece by piece”.  Breaking down each final piece by piece makes the tasks feel more manageable.  And you’ll be less likely to feel overwhelmed and give up.  Creating blocks of 30-40 minutes of time with specific tasks can really help you meet your goals for finals.


Remember finals can be overwhelming.  Take time for yourself, get plenty of rest, exercise, and drink water.  One final study tip the whole team agrees will be helpful, as it gets closer to finals week, schedule out your day hour by hour.  This will help you know when your next break is and you can see all that you’ve accomplished towards your preparation for finals.