Strategies for Academic Success

Strategies for Academic Success

The spring 2021 academic semester will offer a mix of in-person and online instruction.  Spring classes will be held face-to-face, online, and as a hybrid or blended mixture of both in person and online.  Check AccessPlus  for information about classes.  To help you be as successful as possible for in-person, online, or hybrid instruction check out these strategies for academic success.  


1.) Create a dedicated space.

Create a regular location to take your class or to study. This location should be free from distractions and be quiet. Be sure your textbooks, notebooks, highlighters, calculators, and other supplies are nearby the workspace.


2.) Structure your time.

Stay mentally engaged. Create a schedule with specific times for your classes whether the classes are in-person online. The schedule should include time for class, watching lectures, studing, writing, reading, and do homework.  Limit social media distractions and put your phone on silent. Take notes during lectures and ask questions.


3.) Engage with classmates.

Schedule a group meeting with your classmates. Innovate and be creative with connecting to classmates and friends. Be sure to social distance when meeting in person and to wear a face covering. Reach out to others and enhance those friendships.


4.) Use campus resouces.

Ask for help. Iowa State University resources are here, many are online! Check University websites for up to date information on the virtual and in-person support that's available for you!  There are several resources listed on this page to help you connect with academic support services.


5.) Take breaks.

Relax and take mental breaks. Take a break between assignments, lectures, and readings. You may feel overwhelmed, remember to care for yourself and connect with University support services. Movement is important too; get up and move. Exercise, connect with friends and family, and the things you enjoy. 



Students Practicing Self-Care
Students Practicing Self-Care



Academic Support Resources
Academic Support Resources

Are some of your classes online this fall?  Are you wondering about the academic support services provided during virtual instruction? Check out the services from the Academic Success Center and the Writing and Media Center.  These offices are here to help you be successful in the classroom. Check out the quick links section on the right of this page to take you directly to a support service you need. 


The Academic Success Center (ASC) services for spring 2021:

We support. You succeed! The Academic Success Center provides learning opportunities for all students through services that support academic skill development, grade improvement, and engagement with peers, all of which promote success and self-directed learning. The ASC offers individualized and group-facilitated experiences that can be connected to a specific course, or focus on general skill development. The ASC encourages students to use the supports that can best strengthen their learning. Services include: 

  • Academic CoachingOne-on-one meetings with an Academic Coach to address perceived barriers to academic success by developing an individualized action plan. Topics can include time management, exam prep, study skills, and more.  
  • PSYCH 131: 1-credit academic learning skills course focused on critical college success skills including time management, study strategies, note-taking, reading, and more. 
  • Resources and Worksheets: A library of self-directed support materials accessible 24/7 on the ASC website.
  • Supplemental Instruction: Free, regularly scheduled group study sessions led by a peer connected to your instructor. Offered for more than 30 courses each semester. Visit to view the schedule. 
  • Tutoring ServicesSmall group tutoring for any undergraduate course led by a qualified peer that takes place twice a week consistently throughout the semester. Apply here  
  • Workshop Series: Request a workshop for your class or organization, or attend a workshop hosted by the ASC.

Learn more about ASC services, employment opportunities, and where to find the office at or by calling 515-294-6624.

The Writing and Media Center services for spring 2021:

The Writing and Media Center (WMC) helps students become effective, more confident communicators. The WMC is a welcoming and inclusive place where friendly Communication Consultants offer individualized assistance to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and community members working on any form of written, oral, visual, or electronic communication. While we can help you identify patterns and trends in your spelling and grammar, we do not provide editing services. We offer three online services:

1. Online - Google Docs: The client and consultant collaborate live for the duration of the appointment, using the chat and comment features of Google Docs.

2. Online – Video and Document Sharing: The client and consultant collaborate live via the WCOnline platform, utilizing video and document sharing. 

3. DropBox: Clients upload their documents by the beginning of their selected appointment time. The consultant provides feedback for as much of the document as time permits and sends the document back to the client.


              Sunday 2pm – 9pm

              Monday 9am – 9pm

              Tuesday 9am – 9pm

              Wednesday 9am – 9pm

              Thursday 9am – 9pm

              Friday 9am – 2pm

Student Studying

Student Studying