Tutoring Support

Chapter Scholarship Programs

Moving from a highly structured high school environment to the freedoms of college can be a challenging adjustment for students. Fraternities and sororities assist in many facets:

  • Customized scholarship improvement programs
  • Faculty/university advisers (required for each chapter)
  • Networking through upperclassmen with knowledge of campus resources such as the library, tutors, computer labs and campus/community study locations 
  • Scholarship incentive programs
  • Study partners
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Time management workshops

Member Resources
If you are in need of academic support, ask your chapter:

1. About tutoring funds that might pay for your individual or small group tutoring sessions.

Sorority and Fraternity Engagement has developed a partnership with the Academic Success Center. This partnership allows for chapters to use chapter funds to pay for individual members or group tutoring for thier members. Each chapter in the community uses this partnership differently. If you are a current member, you can contact the Sorority and Fraternity Engagement Office to see if your chapter provides this support to members. If you are a chapter leader interested in establishing this resource for your members, you can contact the Sorority and Fraternity Engagement Office to begin offering this to members. 

2. If there are scholarships available for you as a member of your chapter through your (inter)national organization or the Iowa State University Foundation.

3. For referrals of junior and senior members of your chapter in your same college or major, that might be able to serve as your academic mentor.