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Community Overview

Fraternities and sororities have been an integral part of Iowa State University (ISU) since 1875 and have enhanced the lives of thousands of men and women. The sorority and fraternity community offers outstanding opportunities to get involved in leadership, philanthropy, and service while striving academically. There are over 60 organizations, four councils, and multiple auxillary groups that provide members to come together for common interest. All of these groups are connected to the five community values academicscivic engagementfriendshipleadership, and social justice that guide the sorority and fraternity membership experience.

Recruitment refers broadly to all opportunities in which students might seek membership within one of the fraternities or sororities at Iowa State. The recruitment process differs for each of our four councils including the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, and National Pan-Hellenic Council. Some recruitment processes are formal, while others are informal. Below you can get connected to each council and their joining process. 


Council Overview

Sorority and Fraternity Community Guide!

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Learn more about intake here!

August 13-19th, 2020

CPC Primary Recruitment Registration

August 15-19th, 2020

IFC Fall Formal Recruitment Registration
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September 16th at 6pmSeptember 8th at 6pm


Tips and Tricks for Joining

No matter which council you are exploring membership in, there are few things chapters look for in potential members.  Read below to learn how to share your experience with chapters and to understand what they are looking for in a member.

  • Earn the Grades! Work hard in class to be a good student. Academics is a key value of each chapter and they are looking for people who are committed to their education. 
  • Volunteer! Each chapter in the community has a partnership with at least one organization they volunteer their time and talent with. Volunteering is one of the many ways our chapters work to improve the Ames and Iowa State community. Chapters want to see people who are passionate and committed to make the world around them better. 
  • Leadership! Chapters provide a lot of opportunity for members to serve in and take on leadership experiences. They want to know about the leadership experiences you have had. Remember the experiences you have don't have to be a leadership experience with a title, they can be experiences that helped you grow and learn about yourself or experiences you took initiative in. 
  • Do your research! ISU has a large community with a lot of opportunities for membership. Make sure you explore the councils and chapters to help discover what council and chapters are right for you! Our website, community guide, and council guides are a great resource to start. If you know people in the community or a chapter, they are a great resource as well. 
  • Get to know the community, council and organizations! Build relationships with members in the community is a great way to learn more about the community and see if that chapter and council is right for you. Getting to know members is also a great way to let the council or chapter know you are interested in potentially joining or learning more.

No matter which of the four councils you will get to experience the five community values through your membership. Explore the five key values of the community; academicscivic engagementfriendshipleadership, and social justice.


Benefits of Membership

Membership provides different opportunities for each member. Listen to community members describe their experience and how they have personally been impacted.




FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS. Every member of a fraternity or sorority agrees to be fiscally responsible as a student and a chapter member. Each chapter conducts their own billing and financial processes through online or payment plans. The chapter bills separately from the university bill. Membership fees include local and inter/national (if applicable) membership dues, one-time fees (such as initiation or new member fees) and room and board, if the chapter has a house. During the joining process chapters will provide details of financial information, it is appropriate at this time ask questions about financial expectations of members. 

Oftentimes financial aid packages can be applied to fraternity and sorority costs. As each student has an individualized award package, please check with the Office of Student Financial Aid for more information. There are many scholarships awarded to sorority and fraternity members through their local chapter, inter/national organization and through Iowa State University. Members are encouraged to seek out scholarships through these resources or contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.


The Iowa State Sorority and Fraternity Community has 40+ facilities that house approximately 2,000 students during the academic year. Each chapter facility holds between 29 and 87 students. Many fraternities will house first-year through senior students while sororities typically house sophomore through senior level students. Students should ask the chapter about expectations and requirements for living in the chapter facility. Facilities are considered university-affiliated housing as they are owned by private nonprofit corporation boards, LLCs or their national housing corporation.

Fraternity and sorority facilities are considered congregate housing. Congregate housing includes a private bedroom with 1-3 roommates. All residents of the house share living and activity space including dining rooms, formal living rooms, family rooms/dens, activity rooms, meeting rooms and study rooms. Amenities include:

  • House Director (all sororities and most fraternities)
  • Meals provided by a cook or catering service
  • On-site laundry
  • Wireless internet
  • Parking (varies by chapter)
  • Study areas, computer rooms and access to academic resources

Chapters may employ a chef/cook or use catering for their meals. Most chapters provide a continental breakfast and either buffet or brown-bag lunch Monday through Friday. Formal or family-style dinner is generally provided Monday through Thursday, with an open kitchenette available after hours and throughout the weekend. Late plates and brown bag lunches are available to accommodate busy student schedules.

Sleeping Style
Chapters are organized as suite-style, cold air-style or bedroom-style living; or a combination of sleeping styles.

  • Suite-Style – 3-6 people sharing a common living space.
  • Cold Air-Style – large common sleeping quarters with bunked beds. Traditionally, windows are kept open year-round, but recently many cold airs are heated/cooled appropriate to the season. Chapter members have 2-3 person private living quarters separate from cold airs.
  • Bedroom-Style – bed and personal effects in a 2-3 person room.

House Directors
A house director (house mom, house dad, house parent) is a live-in adult or graduate student employed by the chapter house corporation to oversee the daily operations of the facility. Their responsibilities vary from chapter to chapter. Typically, the house director supervises staff including cooks/catering, waiters, cleaning services and/or other contracted services. House directors are trained to manage the facility, develop mentoring relationships with chapter leaders and members, and ensure rules and policies are upheld.


Connect with the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement:

Our staff provides support to students personally and helps keep students connected to campus resources. We have regular communication with student leaders for each council and the chapters. Our goal is to help students reach their goals and bring their ideas to life by providing guiance, direction and support. 

Learn more about us by checking out our Meet the Staff page and reaching out to the office at sfestaff@iastate.edu or calling 515.294.1023.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page!

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