Fraternal Values Society

The Fraternal Values Society consists of outstanding fraternity and sorority members. The purpose of the Society is to encourage the growth and development of sorority and fraternity life by promoting leadership, education, and values based experiences. 

Since our founding on April 22, 2014, the Society has grown to consist of undergraduate members from various chapters of the Iowa Sorority and Fraternity Community. As a member of the Fraternal Values Society, members will meet once a week to discuss various topics and participate in activities in order to advance the Fraternal movement. Members also have the opportunity to participate in social events, service opportunities, and provide values based programming to Iowa State Sorority and Fraternity students. 

In 2016, the Alpha Nu chapter was awarded the Michael A. McRee Fraternal Values Award at the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values Conference. This award is presented annually to a chapter of the Fraternal Values Society that demonstrates excellence in illuminating the central values that guided the historical founding of general fraternities and sororities in the incorporation of these values into the contemporary fraternity and sorority experience.


Fraternal Values Society 2022 Leadership Team:

Board Chairperson: Brooke Rogers;

Director of Values Education: Sophia Steffes;

Director of Administration and Finance: Jillian Woodall;

Director of Character Development: Morgan Abbott;

Director of Communication and Marketing: Grace Starr;

For more information about the Fraternal Values Society, please email Board Chairperson, Brooke Rogers;