Emerging Fraternal Leadership Council


Emerging Fraternal Leadership Council

The Emerging Fraternal Leadership Council (EFLC) serves as a stimulating environment for new members of the sorority and fraternity community. EFLC was created to provide a space for new members of the sorority and fraternity community to identify their strengths, leadership styles and cultivate new friendships between chapters. During the first eight weeks of the EFLC experience, council members will participate in a 1-credit course (LD ST 122) that provides students with basic leadership skills covering strengths identification, personal skill development, goal achievement, values-based behaviors, and mission statement development. This experience encourages members to identify their personal values and recognize how those values contribute to their way of leading and impacting those around them.

After the completion of the eight-week course, the council meets on a weekly basis to continue reflecting on ways to reach individual and group goals, while also using their collective strengths to help better the entire community. The Emerging Fraternal Leadership Council serves as a stepping stone for future involvement both throughout the sorority and fraternity community and campus-wide leadership. EFLC members seek to unite the sorority and fraternity community by building a strong foundation for new members to lead with purpose. Ultimately, members will strive to reach their greatest potential and push others to do the same in the sorority and fraternity community and beyond. 


EFLC Mentor Program

The Emerging Fraternal Leadership Council Mentor Program was created to cultivate strong relationships among emerging leaders and current leaders in the community. The goal of the program is to not only inspire mentees, but to also allow mentors to continue to develop as leaders through educating others about their experiences. Current members of the community that have held and currently hold leadership positions in their chapters and on-campus organizations are encouraged to apply and serve as EFLC mentors to provide additional guidance and support for the new members. The members of EFLC (mentees) are typically paired with selected mentors through a mutual selection process. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet one-on-one outside of social gatherings to discuss topics involving the sorority and fraternity community, while also allowing mentors to provide insight and perspective on how to grow in their leadership experiences.

2021 Mentor Applications are due March 3 at 11:59pm

Apply here!

2021 Co-Presidents: 

Drew Moine, dmoine@iastate.edu

Marisa Mapes, mkmapes@iastate.edu


Trevor Holland, sfegrad1@iastate.edu