IFC Fall Formal Recruitment

IFC Fall Formal Recruitment is your chance to meet with chapters within the Interfraternity Council (IFC) at Iowa State University. 


Formal Fall Recruitment Schedule

August 8th - August 13th, 2020

Night One: 

There will be a presentation for participants and for guest of participants. This welcome presentation for participants will provide an overview of the recruitment week. The welcome presentation for guest is an opportunity for guest to learn about the week and more about fraternities at Iowa State. After welcome presentations participants will be able to visit chapters and learn more about each one to help them decide which chapters they would like to preference to visit the next day. Participants will preference 12 chapters to visit the next day.

Day Two: Defining Brotherhood

On the second day particiapants will get to learn about what brotherhood means to each of the chapters. Participants will be able to visit up to 12 chapters this day. 

Day Three: Living Fraternally

On the third day participants will get to learn about living as a fraternity man. Paricipants will learn about chapter finances, membership expectations, and see the chapter facility (if the chapter has a facility). Participants will be able to visit up to 8 chapter this day. 

Day Four: Values of Membership

On the fourth day participants will get to learn about the membership experience of members in the chapter.  Participants will be able to visit up to 3 chapters this day.


Questions and Answers


How is my schedule made for each day?

After events participants will preference the chapters they want to visit the next day and the chapters will decide which participants they want to invite back, these selections will be used to create a schedule each day for participants.


Who will be here to help answer my questions?

During this week you will have a person who is a member of a fraternity to help guide you and answer your questions, called a Rho Guy. This group of men are here to help you find the right fraternity for you. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns before the week please email Luke and Gunnar at ifcrecruitment@iastate.edu. Luke and Gunnar are the Vice Presidents of Recruitment for IFC and can help prepare you for the week!


How do I register?

Plan about 30 minutes to fill out the registration link. You will want to have your Iowa State email and student ID number, a picture that is easy to tell who you are and have a good idea of what involvement you'd like to highlight!