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The Sorority and Fraternity community has a long-standing tradition at Iowa State University, with the first fraternity coming to campus 140 years ago! As Iowa State University has grown over the years, generations of men have continuously strived to further their involvement not only within fraternal organizations, but also on campus, and within the community. The purpose of our fraternities has always been to promote and foster an environment that works towards a devotion to scholarship, service, leadership, and brotherhood. We are thrilled that you are considering joining a chapter at Iowa State! 


How to get involved:

The Interfraternity Council at Iowa State recruits on an informal, or year-round basis, which allows men to join organizations at any point throughout their collegiate experience at Iowa State University. High school seniors may join a fraternity after The IFC Experience, and through out the summer prior to the beginning of their first semester. Current ISU students may join a fraternity at any time.


IFC Experience:

The IFC Experience is a spring recruitment event put on by the Interfraternity Council. This will be the first opportunity to incoming students to meet recruitment chairs and learn about the sorority and fraternity community at Iowa State. This will officially kick off recruitment for the fall semester. Further recruitment will be left up to each individual chapter. Other opportunities to explore fraternity life organized by IFC will include summer orientation for incoming freshmen and transfer students, as well as Fall Formal Recruitment at the beginning of the fall semester. For this Spring 2022 schedule you can click here!


Summer Orientation & Recruitment:

During the summer, chapters in the Interfraternity Council will reach out to prospective members through chapter leaders who will provide information to incoming first-year & transfer students about their specific organization. Your orientation visit is a great time to tour the fraternity houses and meet alumni, members of the chapter, and student leaders. The Vice Presidents of Recruitment and the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement will also be holding informational sessions during orientation.


Fall Formal Recruitment:
This event is open to all incoming and current Iowa State students interested in joining a fraternity. This event is a great supplement to summer recruitment, as it provides the opportunity to explore all of our chapters within the council and systematically narrow down options through a mutual preference process. This is by far the most structured recruitment operation carried out by IFC fraternities and is open to all undergraduate men at Iowa State. For more information and to register you can click here!

IFC chapters have the autonomy to give out bids at any point throughout the year, however the IFC Experience and Fall Formal Recruitment are exceptions, as bidding is restricted and regulated by IFC throughout the duration of these events. It is important to remember, the "best" chapter for someone may not be the best fit for a friend or classmate. 


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If you have any further questions about recruitment, feel free to email:

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