Getting Started

There are four councils and over 60 chapters to join at ISU. While the process of joining our councils and chapters may look different, there are some common tips that will help anyone looking to join the community. 

  • Earn the Grades! Work hard in class to be a good student. Academics is a key value of each chapter and they are looking for people who are committed to their education. 
  • Volunteer! Each chapter in the commuity has a partnership with at least one organization they volunteer their time and talent with. Volunteering is one of the many ways our chapters work to improve the Ames and Iowa State community. Chapters want to see people who are passionate and committed to make the world around them better. 
  • Leadership! Chapters provide a lot of opportunity for members to serve in and take on leadership experiences. They want to know about the leadership experiences you have had. Remember the experiences you have don't have to be a leadership experience with a tilte, they can be experiences that helped you grow and learn about yourself or experiences you took iniative in. 
  • Do your research! ISU has a large community with a lot of opportunties for membership. Make sure you explore the councils and chapters to help discover what council and chapters are right for you! Our website, community guide, and council guides are a great resource to start. If you know people in the community or a chapter, they are a great resource as well. 
  • Get to know the community, council and organizations! Build relationships with members in the community is a great way to learn more about the community and see if that chapter and council is right for you. Getting to know members is also a great way to let the council or chapter know you are interested in potentially joining or learning more.

You can complete this interest link to get connected and learn more.