Triangle - Iowa State

2136 Lincoln way
Ames, IA 50014

Triangle is a "home," a family-like atmosphere. The word "fraternity" implies Brotherhood, a close group of friends sharing common interests that live together. Triangle provides an excellent place for students in technical fields to satisfy the many needs of college life. Triangle limits its membership to students majoring in engineering, architecture, and the sciences. In other words, Triangle only accepts men working towards a Bachelor of Engineering, Architecture, or Science. Thus, Triangle is unique in the North-American Interfraternity Conference, being the only member fraternity that selects its membership from these majors. This is done to bring together outstanding men with similar interests and career goals. There are many reasons for joining a fraternity. The chief reason for joining Triangle is the friendship of the members you meet and come to know nationwide. Underlying it all will be the knowledge that you can follow the trail blazed by Triangle's outstanding members to leadership in the field of your choice. Unlike most other social fraternities, Triangle does not have a Greek letter name. This is one point that makes Triangle stand out against other fraternities. While some students may have problems sorting one name from another, Triangle is easily recognized as the only national fraternity for students exclusively in Engineering, Architecture and Science. Triangle has much to offer academically, socially, and athletically. Preparing yourself for your future career and achieving academic success are your primary goal at the university. Even so, social events give you a break from the busy and challenging college curriculum. Athletics are important because they encourage physical ability as well as competition and cooperation. Triangle understands the balance between these and strives to attain a level of excellence in each of the three areas while maintaining a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where lifelong friendships can be made. For more information about Triangle Fraternity nationally, please contact Triangle Fraternity National Headquarters at

Nickname Triangle
Philanthropy Triangle Fraternity partners with For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) for students in STEM. Triangle also participates in organized events during the Homecoming and Greek Week seasons.
Colors Old Rose, Gray
Symbols Delta T
Chapter Founded April 25, 1964
Chapter Website
Chapter Phone 815-708-1312
National Founded April 15, 1907
National Website
National Phone 317-702-1852
Triangle - Iowa State
2136 Lincoln way


  • Dues: New Members:$790; Actives:$440/semester
  • Style of living: Suite Style
  • Maximum capacity: 50
  • Internet: Gig Ethernet and WiFi
  • Cable: N/A
  • Other Information: For more information contact the following members:
    Chapter President: Cullen White (
    VP of Recruitment: Matt Robinson (

    - 40 parking spots
    - Library
    - Study rooms
    - Basketball hoop
    - Sound-proof, surround sound theater room
    - Recreational Room
    - Full service 24-hr kitchen
    - Meals catered by Greek House Chefs
    - No Cold-Air Living!
    - Live-in House Director
    - All rooms are furnished with a desk, bed, mattress, closet, and drawers
    - Bus stop across the street
  • Freshmen: In-house living for 4 semesters