Phi Kappa Theta - Iowa Xi

2110 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50014

In 1920, a group of Catholics denied membership to traditional fraternities formed a social group called "The Amician Club". Amician is Latin for friend, and seemed to set a tone of trust and brotherhood for the new group. The club gained strength, membership, and financial standing, which culminated in a charter with Phi Kappa, The national Catholic fraternity. The fraternity continued to grow and in 1934 the property at 2110 Lincoln Way was secured to house the brothers.<BR ...> <BR ...> In 1959, two Catholic fraternities, Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi merged to form Phi Kappa Theta. This merging of two national fraternities, which today stands alone as the only long term successful merger of Greek organizations, is a testament to the bonds and fellowship that come with being a member of Phi Kappa Theta.<BR ...> <BR ...> In 1968 the national fraternity dropped a clause for membership that prevented non-catholics from becoming members of the fraternity. Since then Phi Kappa Theta has been open to all religious denominations.<BR ...> <BR ...> In 1971, the chapter's property board secured the property to the south of the chapter house, and the Annex was built shortly after to house brothers.<BR ...> <BR ...> Phi Kappa Theta is located on the corner of Beach Ave. and historic Lincoln Way, which was the first transcontinental road across the country. Like Lincoln Way, Phi Kappa Theta has seen a lot of students come and go at Iowa State. Yet whenever they return, our chapter house and our message of brotherhood stands as a gateway to Iowa State University.

Nickname Phi Kaps
Philanthropy Phi Kappacinos, Phi Kap Cookout; Proceeds go towards Children's Miracle Network
Colors Cardinal-Purple, Gold, and White
Symbols Chi Rho
Chapter Founded 1920 as The Amician Club, Chartered Phi Kappa in 1924
Chapter Website
Chapter Phone
National Founded April 29, 1889 at Brown University in Providence, RI
National Website
National Phone 317-872-9934
Phi Kappa Theta - Iowa Xi
2110 Lincoln Way


  • Dues: $3500 in-house, $500 out-of-house
  • Style of living: Two-man rooms, Cold-air dorms, Apartment
  • Maximum capacity: 33
  • Internet: High speed internet wireless
  • Cable: Main floor
  • Other Information: -24 hour open kitchen with house meal plan
    -Parking included for all members
    -Big screen TV, Pool Table, Piano
    -Free laundry facilities on-site
    -Full time catering service
    -On-site apartment-style living available
    -Free Tutoring
    -Fully Refurbished
  • Freshmen: Can live in house first semester