Phi Beta Chi - Iota

0355 Memorial Union
Ames, IA 50011

Phi Beta Chi National Sorority was established to support women socially, spiritually and academically during their collegiate years and throughout their lives. The ideals of Phi Beta Chi are contained in the Creed of Phi Beta Chi that we proudly and publicly display for all potential members, their families and their friends. As a sisterhood, we all stand for and support the Ideals of the Creed of Phi Beta Chi.

Nickname Beta Chi
Philanthropy Bethesda Lutheran Communities and YMCA
Colors Azure Blue and White
Symbols Ellipse
Chapter Founded March 5, 1994
Chapter Website
Chapter Phone 319-936-9310
National Founded at the University of Illinois-Champaign on March 26, 1978
National Website
National Phone 515-326-0771
Phi Beta Chi - Iota
0355 Memorial Union

Phi Beta Chi

  • Dues: $250
  • Style of living: Non-House
  • Maximum capacity: N/A
  • Internet: N/A
  • Cable: N/A
  • Other Information: One thing that makes Phi Beta Chi stand out from other sororities on campus is that we are non-facility. This freedom allows the women to live wherever they choose. In fact, many women live with their sisters! The freedom to choose their residence is just one reason our women love Phi Beta Chi!
  • Freshmen: N/A