318 Welch Ave
Ames, IA 50014

In September 1907, six students founded a club "to break up a political clique that was controlling campus positions." The men set up high ideals of scholarship, fellowship, and leadership. The group adopted the Spanish word Adelante, which means "forward." Adelante Club was incorporated as Adelante Fraternity on November 12, 1912. Since that time, Adelante has repeatedly turned down offers to become a chapter of a national social fraternity and has remained Iowa State's only unaffiliated local fraternity. Adelante has additionally been recognized as the longest, continuously operating local fraternity in the nation.

Philanthropy We host a philanthropy each semester that support organizations close to our members heart, as well as our partner charity Best Buddies.
Colors Royal Blue and Gold
Symbols Open book, Sword, Clasped hands
Chapter Founded September 1907
Chapter Website
Chapter Phone 712-539-9969
National Founded September 1907
National Website
National Phone 712-539-9969
Adelante -
318 Welch Ave


  • Dues: 3,500 per semester
  • Style of living: Suite Style
  • Maximum capacity: 32
  • Internet: Yes
  • Cable: No
  • Other Information: -On site parking
    -Computer lab
    -10 meals per week
    -Scholarships for new members
    -Academic scholarships for all members
    -Student Alumni Association membership
    -Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Freshmen: Encouraged to live in