Featured Internship: Selena Zarai Pintor

Selena Zarai Pintor

Member of Zeta Gamma Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated

Previously Secretary and Vice President of sorority but no current position.

What was your internship this summer?

Product Development & Design Intern for the seasonal Cat & Jack team.

What were some of your job duties/responsibilities:

Throughout my 10 weeks I was given one project to work on that focused on Cat & Jack Outerwear Big Kids Fall/Winter 2020. The project included the following tasks:

  • Researched the outerwear market to determine key styles for Cat & Jack through competitive shopping, guest research, and trend research
  • Made recommendations of designs based off of all research and collaboration with fabric engineer
  • Creative and technical design work included throughout project
  • Created an asset library of key attributes per style

Why did you do this internship?

One of the reasons I did the internship was because there is only so much you can do in a classroom, so I wanted to gain real world experience in my field. I was also given the opportunity to do a job shadow during February 2019 at Target Headquarters for Product Development and Design which only made me more excited to pursue the intnernship program.

What was the best moment from your internship? 

My whole internship experience was amazing. My favorite moment was when I realized my individual growth both personally and professionally. Another favorite moment was realizing the amount of personal connections I had made all across Product Development and Design. I feel like I had a ‘Get to Know You’ coffee/meeting almost once a week!

What were some of the skills you learned?

I learned how to design for a brand and a guest in mind. My research skills became much better by conducting market, guest, and trend research. My eye for detail grew so I was able to also gain better skills in Adobe illustrator which is great because it’s what I used for my whole project. I would also say my presentation skills improved throughout my experience.

What were some lesson(s) learned that can be adapted to current leadership roles 

Throughout my summer I worked with several people of all backgrounds and the most important lesson I learned was that, everyone you meet can teach you something through their experiences and knowledge. Creating personal connections is equally as important in your work environment as it is in social settings.

How did it impact you as a sorority/fraternity leader? 

It allows me to look for the bigger lesson in any situation. It also reinforces the fact that making personal connections is important when working with others.